Luxy Lash & brow serum

Do you want longer or fuller lashes and brows without having to put weird chemicals near your eyes?

Subscribe to “Luxy Lash & brow serum“, produced from a selection of the finest therapeutic grade A essential oils; 100% organic, totally chemical- free, distilled from plants and contains strong properties beneficial for health. It stimulates, nourishes and promotes hair growth.

Research has shown that the common causes for the loss of eyelashes & brows are thyroid issues, alopecia, allergic reactions to mascara, trichotillomania, trauma, chemotherapy and a host of others. According to science, one effective way to treat hair loss, is using topical solutions (essential oils) for hair growth and this natural remedy, is a great way to get your lashes and brows back.


• Wash off any traces of makeup before application.
• For lashes the lash wand should be almost completely dry before brushing your lashes so you don’t get excess in your eyes..apply once at night; before going to bed. Should it get into your eyes, use a tissue on the tear duct area to soak in excess product.
•  For brows and hair edges Use finger application and massage twice a day.

Product can be used to grow lashes, brows, and hair edges

Results: 6-8 weeks

Price: N 10,000


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